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Perfectly Delicious Iced Coffee

Recipe by Barber's Dairy

4 stars


  • Fresh, strong coffee chilled
  • Barberís whole milk
  • Optional: Sugar


  1. First make some coffee ice cubes - these will keep your iced coffee from becoming watery like it does when using regular ice cubes. To Do: Ahead of time pour some of the chilled coffee into ice cube trays and freeze solid.
  2. Place coffee ice cubes in glasses.
  3. Mix together equal parts chilled strong coffee and Barberís whole milk. Add sugar if you like your coffee sweet.
  4. Pour coffee-milk mixture over ice cubes and drink up!


  • Try making ice coffee using some of the delicious flavored coffees readily available at your supermarket as well as coffees from various countries for a great variety of tastes.


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